“Get off your high horse, vegan.”

I wanted to quickly dispell another vegan myth- the idea that vegans think they are so much better than non-vegans.

While I obviously can’t speak for every vegan out there, for me and many others, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, precisely the opposite is true. I am vegan because I don’t think I’m better or more worthy or more deserving than any living being. Of course, I value my life, but I recognize that the value I place on my life is not  more than the value another sentient being places on its life, because when we start making that distinction, declaring certain lives as ‘less than,’ we are justifying a prejudiced way of thinking that has enabled things like racism and sexism. And if history has taught us anything, the result of this mindset is almost always violent and upsetting.

You may be reading this thinking I sound absolutely crazy to say my life is not more valuable than any other, so to the people who disagree with me, I ask you this- Do you value your experience of taste over a life? Do you believe that animals deserve to be tortured and killed for your benefit? If not, you already believe in veganism. Please open your hearts and minds and extend the compassion you have for your pets, to all animals.

If anyone would like to learn more about going vegetarian or vegan, please contact me.


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