VegFest LA

April 30th was VegFest Los Angeles! This was my first time attending the festival and I definitely plan on going again next year. The event has free admission (yay!) and is a great experience for any vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or carnivore!

I sampled some delicious vegan food, fed my kombucha addiction with some hibiscus ginger flavored kombucha from GT’s,


and waited in the longest line under the blazing sun for some vegan ice cream from Divine Dips Ice Creme (Btw it was 110% percent worth it). I tasted both the cafe-no-lait and the chocolate flavors. I honestly think this was the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had; texture, taste, it was so good!  No wonder LA Weekly awarded them the title of Best Vegan Ice Cream in LA.



There were loads of exhibitors there, and I made sure to visit my favorites, like The Beagle Freedom Project, Mercy For Animals (whom I intern for), and Farm Sanctuary. AND HERE’S THE COOLEST PART- I actually got to meet Gene Baur!! For those of you who don’t know, Gene is the co-founder of Farm Sanctuary. He began his organization 30 years ago by rescuing animals, staging protests, and helping to change laws, all while living out of the back of his van and selling vegan hot dogs at concerts to fund his work.  Today, Farm Sanctuary is a very influential and well-known animal rights group that continue to educate the public, improve conditions for animals on factory farms, and of course rescue individuals at their sanctuaries. They’ve played a massive role in growing the vegan movement and were one of the main resources that educated and motivated me to go vegan. It was so cool to meet one of my role models and even snap a picture together!




VegFest LA had a bit of a Coachella vibe, with some festival fashion, glittery body art, and people sprawled out on blankets in front of the stage for the entire day, compared to the Vegan Street Fair, which felt similar to a farmer’s market set up.  I definitely recommend checking them both out next time they’re in town, I know I will!


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