The easiest way to promote compassion for animals

There are so many great brands out there making vegan apparel, and I encourage every vegan to support these companies. It’s so easy to wear a t-shirt that promotes veganism, and often times it will start a conversation, which is a great way to be an advocate for animals without even trying. Some brands that I’ve purchased from are Wholesome CultureRaw Apparel, and Harm Less Threads. If you post a picture of yourself in their clothing and tag them, you might even get featured on their page, like I did!


This is honestly the easiest form of activism, it gets noticed and it gets people talking, which gives you the opportunity to spread our message of love and compassion towards animals!

Here’s a list of some other brands with cute stuff–

Barefoot Babes Apparel

Herbivore Clothing



Tantamount Apparel

Vegan Veins

Vegan Police

And of course don’t forget to check out Mercy For Animals, PETA, Farm Sanctuary, and The Gentle Barn stores.


2 Replies to “The easiest way to promote compassion for animals”

    1. Nice!! Congrats on being vegan 3 months, that’s awesome! And yeah there’s lots of great brands out there! You could also do things like stickers on a laptop or even bumper stickers, anything to get people thinking!


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