Why veganism is NOT restrictive

I feel like this is a huge misconception about veganism and the main reason that many people hesitate to change their diets, so I want to explain why this is false.

Veganism is not about restricting, but rather EXPANDING our choices beyond what has become the norm so that we may end unnecessary cruelty and suffering. It is about showing love and compassion to ALL beings, not just the ones we call pets.

Ask yourself this: is changing your diet more restrictive than a chicken living its life in a crowded cage or rearing house? Is it more restrictive than a sow contained in a crate so small that she cannot even turn around? Is it more restrictive than a male calf tied up in a veal crate? Or his mother confined on a milking machine or a “rape rack”? Obviously the answer is no, because we can not only live but THRIVE on plant-based diets, but animals in this industry are confined on factory farms and denied the most basic pleasures of life, such as feeling the sun, grazing on grass, or forming relationships. CARNISM means RESTRICTING the lives of innocent and defenseless beings in ways that we do not inflict on even the worst criminals, but VEGANISM means giving them the chance to be FREE.

You have the FREEDOM to CHOOSE, animals do not. Please leave them off your plate.

Image result for chicken factory farm

Image result for pig factory farm

Image result for dairy cow factory farming




Images are not mine

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