How the food industry lies to consumers every day

In previous posts I have talked about how important it is for consumers to be educated on the products they’re buying so that they can make informed and ethical decisions. One reason I find this so important is because of the false advertising we are constantly bombarded with regarding meat and dairy products. When you walk into the grocery store, there are packages with pretty red barns and lovely pastures, and I’m sure we’ve all seen those (extremely frustrating) happy cow commercials. These companies want you to have this image in your mind of an idealized farm where a lovely family works hard to raise animals so that you keep buying animal products. If their labels advertised accurate pictures of where that food came from, nobody would want to buy it!

Imagery is a powerful thing, please take a look at the photos below and realize that the ideal family farm barely even exists anymore.99% of livestock animals come from factory farms and by purchasing these products you are an enabler of torture, suffering, and environmental degradation. Just because it’s wrapped up in a pretty package doesn’t make it okay.

Image result for factory farm
That pigs in your sausage spent 2.5 years in a gestation crate unable to move and had their babies stolen away from them
Image result for laughing cow
Trust me, nothing about a dairy cow’s life is laughable
Image result for factory farm veal
Just like any mammal, a cow must be pregnant to produce milk. After being artificially inseminated, calves are repeatedly stolen away from their mothers. Males will be locked up in veal crates like these while females will replace their mothers when they are older.
Image result for foster farms packaging
Another red barn and green pasture!
Image result for factory farm chicken
Even cage free, free range chickens will likely never see a pasture like the one in that logo
Image result for real california milk commercials
“Happy” cow from Real California Milk Commercial
Image result for factory farm
What the life of a dairy cow actually looks like

Do not be fooled by false advertising! Be an educated consumer that makes smart and ethical purchases, as long as people keep buying these products, companies will keep making them. Consumers can so easily demand change by sending a message with every dollar spent. Please leave animals off your plate, there are so many vegan brands out there and by consumer demand, the options will only continue to grow.

Image result for vegan meat replacement



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